When you go on vacation and all that is in the hearts of women who meet on the websites you can see, the party and do it. At least one of them would be much easier, ensuring that you look the part: a man of great style.

Part of the research type is comfortable, it is important to wear light shoes, breathable (if you go in a hot climate) and comfort.

So, in addition to credit cards, sunscreen and a passport, make sure that some of these fashion items to carry in your bag, fresh and does not seem so strange.

1 – T-Shirt

A Hoodie is smart casual is perfect for the cover of a robbery or a cold night, and track jackets are online run mode. Whether old or has a retro style, sweater zip (as Blue Marlin) and sweatshirts are a great alternative to a jean jacket, and I’m sure you look at plans Cool n ‘shorts or packages.

2 – Polo T-Shirt

If you put a shirt on the way, make sure it is a pole. One of the hottest trends this year is the hub of the most versatile, as it is tasteful. Thank you to a polo collar, may be the perfect T-shit, you should wear for a night, and this is a good choice when combined with pants, jeans, pants, or black lace, too. Just choose a combination of colors like navy, white, gray, black, or – as Polo Ralph Lauren black and white blue collar – to keep order, the pants are more than possible.

3 – button short sleeve

You’re on vacation. They want to see in black, while in the city, right? Well, you need a shirt to help you achieve that look, while the administration, at the same time. You can make the shirt for you. This cotton button down from Kenneth Cole to be fresh and can enhance almost any pants, takes a pair of slacks to a new level of style.

4 – Cargo Shorts

As you wander the streets or sitting in a new outdoor terrace, the films are probably the only kind of pants it feels like to slip. Whether you use with slides, loafers or sneakers, shorts right to distinguish between a hot date and a time to be hot. Hollister Co. Shorts like this are always very popular retro-looking pants and Adidas. For more information about cargo pants you can chek http://www.cargopantsformens.com

5 – pants with drawstring

Lightweight trousers are ideal for air travel (where it is cold) and you’ll be glad you comfortable pants to go out and coldest days. Therefore, white pants, as this pair are not bound by theory, the best option for travelers on the fire; we must admit they have a sense of a relaxing holiday. If you are not interested in white, then choose a different color, but the key here is a pair of pants with drawstring themselves. You’ll thank me later.

6 – Shorts

Pants flowers, as Parke and Ronen, the most elegant of shorts, you can find today, and Hawaii-inspired floral motifs, you can go a bit ‘crazy with the tribes are in vogue. If the colors are in fashion and bright colors are not for you, then you are more sober colors, when it comes to swimsuits. Just remember this, where you can really get into cold water.

7 – Loafers

When it comes to shoes, comfort is key, so occasionally a pair of moccasins is an excellent choice for a knight on vacation. You can speak to the hotel and walk to town on them with ease – physical knowledge and the comfort of your image with the last moccasin. Part moccasin, part loafer, these shoes is comfortable elastic Kenneth Cole also by its provisions, making it virtually walk around the molds of the feet and no socks possible.

8 – Sandals

The sandals are perfect for warm weather and especially the beach, but not ideal for walking all day – something that will probably do it as a tourist. Therefore, slides, a comfortable and convenient alternative to belts, as demonstrated by Kenneth Cole. And heel cushioning, you’ll be happy to slide into third base.

9 – Sunglasses

Aviator Sunglasses are still flying high on the scale of the form of a pair that suits you best. These aviator sunglasses from Gucci, the addition is complete, look for a touch of elegance, everything will be in a shirt and shorts, a shirt with buttons and load. Classic and elegant, every person must have a pair of sunglasses, which add a whole a lot of attitude.

10 – Hat

Whether you wear a hat, bucket hat (which seems a bit “as the cabin of a fishing hat), you want to cover with a hat from time to time – especially once” hat hair “comes into play were huge last year, and caps are still enjoying the fashion, the wide choice out there, the Dutch trucker hats Hollister Co., camouflage, as well as vintage inspired (as described by Hollister Co.) is the most popular.

11 – Bag

Most are practical, but the bags are an important part of her dress. So naturally, you want to make sure your weight on a plane or at your hotel for check-brown, with a sleek black travel bag, like this one from Kenneth Cole. Made of microfiber, you can be sure it is durable and practical.

He was a man of international fashion

You can go on vacation for a break from the norm, but also a good way, residents and tourists are all the rage beyond the limits of their performance. While it is important to find your destination and travel plans, it is important for packing items in the appropriate manner for the comfort and class. And when you see a lot while driving through the streets and feel good at the same time, is always first class travelers.